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MAHCP - Who We Are

The Montana Association of Health Care Purchasers (MAHCP) is an independent, not-for-profit partnership of public and private employers formed in 1994 by several of the largest employers in Montana to pool their purchasing power.  This association was originally established to encourage competition, quality improvement and cost savings in our regions health care.   MAHCP has more recently evolved into a health information focused, data driven organization through the power of its membership and technology.  MAHCP is the only health care purchasing, data focused coalition in Montana, representing multiple large state-based employers, and covering over 80,000 employees and their dependents; our goal is to provide purchasing power, expertise, data resources, and a voice to our members for obtaining and providing cost efficient, quality health care to employees and their dependants.

MAHCP - Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

Vision: To facilitate benefit innovation, data driven, consumer centric health care purchasing decisions, cost effective employer benefit programs and educational resources for Montana health care purchasers. 

Mission: To build a leadership forum through which a cohesive coalition of Montana health care purchasers can work with varied health care service stakeholders to improve health care access, quality and affordability by reducing administrative complexity, overuse, under-use and misuse of health care services.


  • Provide a forum for discussion and a unified voice for our Membership to address issues related to health care affordability and quality.
  • Develop economies, relationships and collaborative approaches that create health care benefit efficiencies and health care quality improvement.
  • Promote and support data driven strategies, decision-making and measurement for MAHCP member employer benefit programs.
  • Slow the rate of increase in health care costs experienced by employer purchasers throughout our region.
  • Improve the ability of patients and health care providers to become partners in managing and supporting better health by promoting health care information and transparency.


  • Create and maintain relationships that emphasize the use of collaborative, win/win approaches among consumers, employers, health plans and health care providers that rewards cost effective, high quality health care.
  • Maximize the use of data in the measurement, analysis, and reporting of health care efficiencies, quality and cost performance to create innovative strategies and objective data driven decisions.
  • The sharing of appropriate information, resources and data in a regional public/private collaboration that benefits all coalition members.
  • Use quality improvement principles, tools, and techniques to create sustainable programs and operations.

Current Programs

Today we have four distinct programs (and related services) that we offer to all our members. The process we follow in selecting these products involves a coalition based, joint-purchasing bidding and selection process, all overseen by the MAHCP Membership. All products are designed specifically for our employer members that are interested in creating innovative benefit programs at affordable costs.  Key is the data aggregation and analysis capabilities provided to any participating MAHCP member.   MAHCP's independent, not-for-profit status has created unique opportunities for transparency, competition and measurement.

The four current programs and related services provided by MAHCP are:

  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
  • Managed Care self-funded options
  • Diagnostic Code Based Predictive Modeling and Reporting
  • Wellness Systems

  • Click here to view more information about our current programs and other products.

For information about our upcoming 2015 Employer Conference, May 12-13, 2015 in Bozeman, Montana, please click here or email Chelsea Pelc.

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